RomCon2015 Part 2

In order to not post a super long blog post, I divided up my RomCon15 experience into two parts. Last Thursday you got part 1, which took us through Friday evening. Today we’re picking up with Saturday morning.

I was free until the Readers Luncheon at 11 and used the time to reconnect with a former principal of mine. Janet Walker-Snyder’s first year as principal at Bruce Shulkey Elementary School in Fort Worth ISD was my first year as assistant principal at the same school. I learned so much from her in the three years we worked together before I moved on to be a principal at Riverside Applied Learning Center. She ultimately moved out of state. We’ve only kept up with each other on Facebook, and last year I just didn’t make the connection she lived so close to Denver. A cliché, but in this case it’s certainly better late than never.

We ate breakfast at a unique little place that mostly hires people with disabilities. Fresh, fresh, yummy food. We caught up with each other’s families and cussed and discussed public education. Oh, if we could make all the decisions. LOL
She took me back to the hotel and it was on to the Readers Luncheon. FullSizeRender(42)The readers and authors bought tickets for the authors’ baskets and the Breast Cancer Fundraiser baskets that anyone could contribute too. Authors got to stand up and say our name, what we wrote, and what we brought in our basket. We had 30 seconds. I know many of you don’t believe I was able to pull that off, but I did.:)

I used one of my new bags and each had my three books, two $10 dollar Amazon gift cards, and lots of chocolate. My basket for breast cancer had the same thing. I believe I heard that RomCon raised several thousand dollars for breast cancer research from this event.
FullSizeRender(27)The keynote speaker for the luncheon was Jodi Thomas. She was funny and inspirational. She’s standing next to me in pic.
FullSizeRender(48)One of the fun things for me was that I bought an ad in the program when RomCon ran a special. I was so pleased with how it turned out.
FullSizeRender(26)The last thing I did was the book sale (Give-away in my case) on Saturday evening. I gave away 27 books–nine of each of my titles. That way I didn’t have to mess with Colorado taxes. Most everyone who took a book promised to post a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or B & N. If half of them do that, it will be worth the investment. If they like the book and buy another one or two, that would be great. Better still, will be if they tell their friends about the book and encourage them to buy one. We’ll see how this works out.:)
Sunday morning, we packed and headed to the airport for our flight to Fort Worth.
FullSizeRender(41)All in all a successful trip. It definitely would’ve been better if poor Jerrie hadn’t gotten sick. You can do everything you should and still sometime altitude sickness will get you.
CA Szarek


Misty Dietz

As I said last week, I’m playing catch-up. I would have run this part of the RomCon post last week, but as I mentioned last week, I have a new PR company and we had some issues with getting the new blog up and going. But it’s working well now.
After many, many hours, my old blogs wouldn’t transfer, so over the next several months I’ll reformat those and send them to Cheryl Letsch of Y & R PR. We won’t get all of them, but they contain important events from the last 3 years of my life. I have the original word docs for all of them, but I’ll have to upload pics. The amount of time it will take prohibits doing them all, but there are probably ten-fifteen I definitely want to reclaim. I’ll let you know when they’re up again.
Also, I will have a newsletter, so be sure to sign up for that.
Tomorrow I’ll have a post up on my Sisters of Suspense blog. Don’t miss that either.
So have you suffered from altitude sickness? How do you treat it or avoid it? What kind of large conferences have you attended?
Book Update: I’ve now heard from all three Beta Readers, and am incorporating some of their suggested changes. I’ve printed the first half and am reading it. After I complete making those changes I’ll print another copy, so Bob can look at it. Then I’ll send it to my new the paid editor, who incidentally I met at RomCon. J
Love to hear from you.

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Location! Location! Location!

Check out the new blog Sisters of Suspense. I’m honored to belong to this great family.

Sisters of Suspense

First, I can’t believe my good fortune to be a part of Sisters of Suspense. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out all the authors’ web sites. It’s a pretty amazing group. Thanks to Jo-Ann Carson for the invitation.

I’m a retired elementary school principal with three published books, all with older heroines.

I watch a lot of HGTV (It’s on in the other room while I write!) and my older daughter is a real estate agent, so I regularly hear the words “Location! Location! Location!”

How does location play into writing? It varies from book to book and author to author.

I remember reading a book maybe eight or so years ago. I don’t recall the author’s name or much about the story except it was a romantic suspense, and the setting was on the US east coast in a blizzard. I can still feel the cold…

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